$5 Billion Battle to Replace U.S. Army’s Humvee

Beating out a trio of other competitors, Oshkosh Corp., Lockheed Martin, and AM General, the maker of the current Humvee, have each been awarded $60 million contracts to build demonstration models that will be evaluated as possible replacements to the Humvee. Whichever company wins the ultimate contract will be given around $5 billion to build 20,000 of the new vehicles for the Army and 5,000 for the Marines. Moreover, the winning bidder may end up producing its vehicle, to be called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, for other approved nations as well.

While meeting the specification to be less costly per unit, the new vehicle will be engineered to survive and protect its occupants from mines and roadside bombs, travel effectively and quickly over varied and rough terrain, and feature more interior space than the current Humvee has. The testing vehicles will be provided to the army over the next 12 months. Then the Army will test them for two years before the contract is awarded.

At least they didn’t go with the Ontario-built Evade, which looks armored but isn’t.